On 13th April in 2012 some of us for the first time heard ”The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain” on the Regina theater in Uppsala. Astonished of their thrilling play and the small instruments possibilities we all thought - how hard can it be? Since then, we have played and found out that it is true – that it is fun and easy to play ukulele and that joy is in some strange way built into the instrument. 

So just join us and start play the ukulele! .

We are on our way to the Monopolele Ukulele festival 19-21 May 2023 —> see us here on our way…. link

Meet us in Monopolele at the Monopolele Ukulele festival 19-21 May 2023   —> link to Monopolele Ukulele festival 19-21 May 2023

Play along with us 👍😀 - here are our songs!-> link 

Here is a link to our chosen 10 songs in Monopoli —> link

Bild Ukulikes flyg




Uppsala Ukulikes

”Everyone shoud have and play a uku” (—> länk) George Harisson

Länk till lite mer om ukuleleentusiasten Georg Harissons --> länk


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